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Available Services

Custom CAD Design Jewelry

CAD (Computer-aided design) is the use of computer software programs to create 2D or 3D models.  Using CAD is the first step for the creation of custom jewelry.

Watch Battery Replacement

Replacing watch batteries can be the simple solution for a watch that does not seem to be working anymore.  We have all different types of batteries that will get your watch back up and running.

Rolex Refinishing

Exterior band and case refinishing to reveal a factory finish. Pin replacement on case shoulders.

In House - Jewelry Repair

In house repairs include ring sizing, soldering, new catches on necklaces and bracelets, stone replacement, polish and more!  

Rhodium Plating

White gold is inherently yellow.  Over time the rhodium that makes it white fades away revealing a natural yellow gold found within.  Rhodium plating brings it back to that shiny white color that white gold should be.

In House - Laser Welding Repair

Laser welding involves the use of a laser to weld precious metals together.  A laser is an amplified beam of light that when focused on a fixed point can weld with precision.

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